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Travel & Safety information

A useful checklist for crew

Crewseekers acts only as an introducer and cannot warrant the skills of skippers or crews, or suitability of vessels or equipment for any proposed voyages.‚Äč


  • Exchange emails, telephone and Skype calls to satisfy yourself as to the character of the skipper and suitability of the sailing opportunity to your abilities
  • If meeting owners/skippers for the first time try to arrange in company, or in a safe place
  • Know the limitations of the boat and skipper
  • Ask the skipper to outline the passage plan to you
  • Always lodge your travel itinerary with a friend/relative ashore
  • If you change your plans keep everyone informed
  • Check boat safety equipment / medical requirements with skipper
  • Always have a 'fallback' contingency plan
  • Trust your own judgment and act responsibly
  • Know your own limitations
  • Sail within your ability knowledge and experience level
  • Lifejackets and harnesses are essential and should be provided for everyone on board
  • Take warm protective clothing and sunglasses/sun block
  • Check if sleeping bags/wet weather gear required
  • Ensure you know / have discussed the correct man overboard recovery procedure
  • Learn how to use VHF Radio / Flares in an emergency
  • Be sensible about drinking alcohol
  • Be careful about smoking on board - ask first
  • Check the weather forecasts - see our links page for weather information
  • Arrange suitable personal travel insurance - we recommend Topsail Travel Insurance

Overseas travel

  • Check Passports / Visas / Vaccinations valid and up to date
  • Check flight costs/refund policy etc. 
  • Consider repatriation / bonding requirements
  • Obtain written confirmation of any working contract terms
  • Check who pays travel expenses to/ from vessel
  • Check the Foreign & Commonwealth web site on our links page

Professional crew

  • Check requirements for indemnity personal and vessel insurance etc
  • Consider benefits of joining a Trade Union if you qualify as a member
  • Check your legal responsibilities as captain or crew
  • Seek proper legal advice before travelling if appropriate

Consider terrorism, smuggling and 
drug trafficking risks

  • Be aware and report any unusual or suspicious activity or behaviour of people or vessels to the Police or Customs officials immediately

Please see our links page for useful links.