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Crew wanted for Aegean cruise Sept and Oct 2017

For those that have not been before, the climate continues to be nice well into October so its a chance to eke out the summer.

The track or course will not be set in stone but I thought this year we will head quickish up from Marmaris to Kos via the lovely Symi, in week 1 of September and then head out West hopefully taking in a number of the Cyclades Islands before heading back.

All this will take many weeks of course and I cannot say exactly where the boat will be at any given date. There are ferries however from Kos and Naxos and other islands which will connect the main Greek airports.

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining us as we need crew. If so when ? Better to try for a Saturday turnaround of crew-members if we can and if you wish to bring a friend or family member, it may be possible to fit them in depending on whether the two double cabins reserved for crew are filled or not.

As skipper (!) I will try to be economical about marina berths anchoring off in bays where we can. We syndicate the costs of mooring and food and drink consumed on board and divide them per capita.

I will also try to avoid heavy weather. The prevailing wind (the Meltemi) tends to blow down the coast from the north and gets up quickly at times i.e. most pms. The boat is stiff and needs 10 knots before starting to shift anyway . Am happy to sign off seamiles for anyone doing RYA courses etc

We are going to be in Ireland until mid-August and then in London for a week or so before leaving as I have to lift her out of the water and do a few jobs before setting off.

My mobile is 07599 846203