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The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Photo of Viracocha III

This sailing opportunity expired on 06/02/2019. You may want to take a look at our current sailing opportunities instead.


Boat type

Ancient style Reed Ship

Financial arrangements

No contribution required


From February 9 of 2019 to July of 2019 app

Travel expenses



Arica, Chile

Date posted



Australia or any island that we stop at in the Pacific

Expiry date


Qualification level required (or equivalent)





The Viracocha Expedition is a series of reed raft voyages that aims to demonstrate the vast capacity of South American reed rafts. The Viracocha III Reed Raft will be attempting to cross the entire Pacific Ocean from South America to Australia and will further demonstrate that ancient South American civilizations could have crossed vast areas of Pacific Ocean in ancient-style vessels and that reed rafts could have possibly been one of the key factors in human migration in the Pacific.
Viracocha I Expedition (2000) was the first primitive vessel of any kind to reach the Easter Island in modern times. The Viracocha II Expedition, an entirely different raft, reached Easter Island once again with most of the same crew in the year 2003.
The Viracocha III will be crossing the entire Pacific !!