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Transfer - Kiel to Almerimar

Photo of Maia

This sailing opportunity expired on 10/08/2019. You may want to take a look at our current sailing opportunities instead.


Boat type

Taswell 49

Financial arrangements

No contribution required


middle August to middle September 2019

Travel expenses

Paid by crew


Kiel Germany

Date posted



Almerimar Spain

Expiry date


Qualification level required (or equivalent)





We want to bring our Maia from Kiel to Almerimar. We start in the middle of August. It will be a miles-eating- trip with few or no stops and more nonstop sailing. But we will not make a sport-event or a race, and we will not going a high risk. If we make a good distance, we can slow down and relax at the end. We are looking for young people like students or similar without big funding. You want to make a sailing trip, but you don´t have the money for a charter or a cruise trip? We will pay all costs aboard for ship, fuel, food, drinks, berths... So you need to pay only the traveling to and from Maia. We will make a vlog, so it is important, that you help us to produce videos, pics, social media ...And you need to like sailing with a little family. Sailing experience will help, but it is not necessary for every crewmember. We have two cabins with each 2 bunks and one crew head with toilet and shower. We are Leo, our son, Claudia and Peer. We are looking for 2-4 people.