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Cruising on a Traditional Boat

Photo of Black Rose
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Boat type

Traditional vessel - 40 tons burthen, Hull Loa 50 feet

Financial arrangements

Shared contribution


Imminently - please contact ASAP for plans

Travel expenses



Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk,

Date posted



Various - to be arranged

Expiry date


Qualification level required (or equivalent)





We are imminently seeking crew for an extended cruise to take in Traditional ship
festivals, book fairs and film festivals. The crew need to be personable, interested
and sociable. Prior knowledge of sailing, being a notable attribute, is also in one
sense not so important, for that can be taught to those who are adept. Our
background is steeped in the teaching process, so it rather comes naturally.
Regarding expenses, it would be appreciated in the initial time if the crew can
contribute towards what they eat and drink.

In the long term, a person that suits the situation will be offered a business position.
Sailing crew and the literary business position could be both managed by one person
but not necessarily, for deck crew may be happy to stay as such, whilst a gregarious
commercial brain might like to be involved in the literary business too!



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